Teddy Bear Patterns And Materials

Teddy bear artists are responsible for some unique and interesting teddy bears. A number of these artists are willing to share a few patterns with the public. You will find teddy bear patterns, or links to patterns, on the sites below. A number of these patterns are free. You can also purchase kits to make your own bear, not to mention, materials and accessories to make your teddy complete.

You will find teddy bear patterns, kits designed by Chris Cotton, as well as teddy bear making supplies here, Easy and Fun Teddy Bear Patterns.

At, http://www.christiebears.co.uk/acatalog/Patterns.html, you will find pattern packs. Each pack includes, pattern, joint nuts and bolts, and 1 pair of black, glass eyes. You may browse the materials and accessories for bear making. Miniature bear patterns are also available. When you visit, http://www.judilynndesigns.com/Rumbles.html, you can purchase teddy bear patterns with a complete materials list for $10. A great site to find teddy bear patterns, kits and teddy bear making materials is, http://www.admiral-bears.com/. Teddy bear kits are available on, http://www.bearmania.com.au/bearkitn.htm.
This Australian based site offers unique and wonderful bears. Kits to make your own teddy bear include, all materials needed to make the bear, except the stuffing. Also included, are various other articles to make each specific bear. Pattern sizes range from 4" to 24" teddy bears. Links to various sites featuring teddy bears, teddy bear patterns, teddy bear kits and materials to make teddy bears, can be found here, http://www.teddybearsden.com/art-dir/index.html. Would you like to make a knitted teddy bear like the bear seen in Mr. Bean videos? You can do so by visiting,
http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/patterns/toys/beanbear.htm. Here you will find a pattern and material list for this amusing, big eyed teddy bear.

Needle Felting is a new way to make teddy bears and other soft toys without stitching or stuffing. This is accomplished by poking carded wool fiber many times over with a special, barbed, needle so that it felts together. As you felt the wool you are able to turn and mold it into any shape you desire. The result is a firm toy that is solid wool. You can learn about this technique by visiting, http://www.bearycheap.com/info/felting1.html.

At, http://www.crochetnmore.com/Becky'sLittleBearPattern.htm, You will find a tiny teddy bear pattern designed especially for babies. The finished bear size is 4.5 to 5 inches. This is a crocheted bear. Another crocheted teddy bear pattern can be found at: http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa110897.htm?once=true. If you love miniature teddy bears, you will find an adorable, 3" bear by visiting: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/tbear.html. If you want to make a pilgrim outfit for your teddy bear, http://crochet.about.com/library/weekly/aa112297.htm, has a great pattern with instructions and materials list. Learn to make a teddy bear at: http://www.fuzzybee.com.au/fuzzbears/make_a_teddybear.htm. Looking for teddy bear and felting supplies? Then, http://www.woodlandteddies.co.uk/, is the place for you.

This site has very unique patterns for teddy bears and stuffed toys. http://www.funkyfriendsfactory.com/?gclid=CITwr5XW3ooCFSM9UAodlFyzcA.

You should find everything you need on the above sites to make your own teddy bear. You may want to try some of the craft sites to see what they have to offer along the line of teddy bear making supplies.

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Teddy Bear Museums

Teddy bears have been around for over 100 years. It is reasonable to assume, in all that time, some of them have been well loved and it is time for them to retire. Since there is no old-folks home for teddy bears they are given to collectors, or a museum to sit comfortably and be admired.

Greenfield Village and the Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, is one of the museums where a teddy bear may live his life in peace. This museum has hundreds of items on exhibit. There are several antique exhibits that include some of the first teddy bears ever made. Be sure and see all of the exhibits, as I recall, the bears are in more than one place.

The Teddy Bear Museum in Naples, Florida, has over 4,000 bears on exhibit. Nearly 40,000 visitors from around the world visit the museum yearly. This 'dream home for teddy bears' has many displays, including, antique and limited edition bears, as well as, bear paintings, sculpture, posters and collectibles. The museum highlights work by some of the worlds most imaginative bear designers working with various materials. The museum sponsors community events throughout the year including, teas, workshops and bear shows.

The puppet, teddy bear and toy museum, located in Germany, provides a history of puppets and toys from 1845. A special rarity is the Stiff Teddy Bear School from 1910.

The Dorset Teddy Bear Museum, located in the UK, is a wonderful place for children and adults who still know what it is like to have fun. With such favorites as Rupert Bear, Winnie The Pooh and even today's TV favorites, are included in a century of teddy bear history. If viewing this exhibit prompts you to adopt a bear of your own, there is a teddy bear shop on nearby Trinity Street. The Northam House Museum of Early Childhood features an antique teddy bear museum and an antique doll museum. There are over 700 antique and vintage teddy bears and more than 200 antique dolls on display at the museum in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Quite a few of our soft, fuzzy friends have been thrown into the trash or destroyed by one thing or another over the years. My own childhood teddy, Cinnamon Bear, was lost on a trip to a relatives when I was young. I have never stopped missing him.

Museums are a great place to visit teddy bears that used to belong to someone else. The attachments we form to our teddy bear goes beyond that of any other toy. He is our hero when the dark, night gets scary, our guest when we need a partner to play a game or join our party, a companion when we are embarking on a very dangerous adventure and a best friend when we are feeling sad or lonely.

I've often heard it said, 'the definition of a friend is, someone who knows all of your faults and loves you anyway'. If that doesn't describe a teddy bear, I don't know what would.

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Teddy Bear Collections

The web site, www.bearhollow.net, belongs to a teddy bear collector. They have adopted, and share their home with quite a few furry friends. They would like to show you where these 'adopted children' make themselves comfortable around the house and grounds.

You will find links to the kitchen, the family room, the library, the office, the bear room, the living room, the dining room, the powder room, the garage, the picnic area, the guest room, the stairway, the lily pond, the sun room, the laundry room, the hallway and two bear hollow rooms. Wow, with a family like that I wonder how much the honey bill is!
The web address, http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Nook/8514/, will lead you to The Beary Blue Bear Nook. A site owned by Trish a woman of 37 who loves collecting bears. She will show you her collection, and offer you links to sites where you can find kits and accessories to make your own teddy bear. She also has links to teddy bear artists, and the World of Miniatures page will link you to miniature artists.

Lorie's Bear Shelf is a site owned by teddy bear collector, Lorie Barnhill, you can get there by going to: http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/greenlawn/994/. Lori will show you her collection of over 200 bears.

Some teddy bear artists sell teddy bear collections. That is to say, they sell certain groups of similar teddy bears they have designed to go together. Others sell unique, one of a kind teddy bears just right for you to start your own collection.

One site, www.designsbyterri.com offers adorable, miniature teddy bears. 23/4 inch-tall Domino is a bent knee bear made from off white and black medium pile non-shiny upholstery velvet. He is cotter pin and disk jointed and is stuffed with polyfil. Domino comes with a reproduction, die cast, taxi pedal car.

A site owned by Elizabeth Mowatt, www.tailoredteddies.com, offers one-of-a-kind, hand sewn teddy bears. Each bear is numbered and signed on the paw by the maker. Each bear has it's own unique accessories. Another great site is, www.tbears.de. Owned by Karin Jehle this site offers bears with their own personality. Karin spends hours creating each bears face. Valdemar, a 13 inch tall teddy bear made from shining white faux fur. His eyes are alive; with upper and lower eye lids. Valdemar wears soft, brown leather trousers.

Karin also makes miniature, crocheted teddy bears. Thomas, a 4 inch crocheted bear and Minty, a 3.3 inch crocheted bear, go together perfectly. They both sport soft leather pants of different colors. Red Fred, is a red crocheted bear, 3 inches tall.

You may begin your collection with regular size, miniature, figurines or giant, stuffed teddy bears. Maybe you want a collection that has a little bit of every-bear in it.
The choice is yours. Remember, the sooner you get started adopting your extended family, the faster you will become an adoptive parent to as many teddy bears as your heart will hold.

There are hundreds of sites offering unique and one of a kind teddy bears and teddy bear collections.

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