One Of A Kind Teddy Bears And Their Makers

For those of you who would like to step out of the ordinary, here is an idea. Instead of buying a teddy bear that everyone can get, why not go to a teddy bear artist and get a teddy bear that is unique?

After all, this teddy bear will be your, or your child's, best friend for many years. How often is it, that one can pick just what their best friend will look like?

The web site,, provides links to teddy bear artists. This site was founded by Dave Stack and he runs it out of his 1903 Victorian home in Cleveland, Ohio. Teddy bear artist, Emma-Louise Braiden, Sells one of a kind bears, many of which have already been adopted. Some of her available friends are:

Baby Jeremy is made in two different mohair fabrics, and is fully lock-nut jointed so that he can pose in the positions a baby would. He is not overfilled with polyfill so he feels more like a baby. Jeremy also has a heap of stainless steel shot in him to make him more the weight of a baby. When you hold him you will need to support his head, but when he sits he is able to hold his head like a much older child. Baby Jeremy comes with baby booties on his feet and his own toy. A string jointed bunny.

'TATE' is a 12 inch wacky panda created by Jaqui Ellerton from Jac-q-lyn Bears, in the United Kingdom. He is made from black and cream, matted, curly, German, mohair fabrics. His face, inner ears and paw pads are made from, beige, cashmere fabric. TATE is fully jointed and is number 1 in a series of 5. This soft, cuddly, unique teddy bear is up for adoption. Another great site featuring teddy bear artists is,

This site has links to the web sites of many talented teddy bear artists. Susan Bartlett is the teddy bear artist, and owner of, She has been making her unique teddy bears for 12 years.

'LITTLE PREP', is a 9 inch bear stuffed with Australian wool and glass beads for weight. He is made of German 'Kid' Mohair and ultra suede. Little Prep is limited to only one. He is fully lock nut jointed, and his muzzle is a light beige in color to complement his milk chocolate colored fur. This teddy bear wears an oversized key as a necklace and is waiting to be adopted by you.

Truffles is a fully jointed 10 inch bear kit designed by Susan Bartlett. The kit includes a pattern and full instructions, mohair and matching ultra suede paw fabric. All joint requirement, threads and quality glass eyes are included. This kit is ideal for beginner and advanced bear makers.

These bears may cost a bit more than a teddy bear you might buy at a department store. You must remember, teddy bear artists design and make each bear by hand and many of them are one of a kind.

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Gund Teddy Bears

The leading soft toy manufacturer in America, is also the oldest. GUND was founded in 1898, in Norwalk, Connecticut by Adolph Gund. GUND was one of the first companies to design and produce teddy bears in the early 1900's. A young Russian immigrant, Jacob Swedlin, took a modest job at GUND in 1907. Swedlin bought the business in 1925 when Adolph Gund retired. The business was sold to Swedlin for a token sum with the understanding the name would always remain Gund. Jacob passed the company on to his daughter Rita Raiffe and her husband Herbert in 1969.

The Raiffes continued producing high quality, plush toys. Under the direction of Herbert and Rita Raiffe, the company began using its under-stuffing technique, the heart of the worlds most huggable plush. Bruce Raiffe, Herbert and Rita's son, joined Gund in 1977, became President in 1993 and Chairman and Chief CEO in 2004. Jim Madison, the first non-founding GUND member, became President in 2004.

GUND has been responsible for the beginning of many innovations, safety standards and manufacturing processes in the toy industry. Swedlin introduced the concept of industry licensing with cartoon characters like Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Popeye, among others. Gund was also the first to manufacture a musical toy that was modestly priced. Gund has always been devoted to product safety and set an important industry standard by devising a way to attach eyes securely to stuffed animals, to prevent them from being pulled out and swallowed by small children.

The famous GOTTA GETTA GUND advertising campaign in the earl 80's made the GUND recognized as a leading consumer brand. Today, the company produces an extensive collection of unique characters and licensed plush toys under the GUND and babyGUND brands.


In 2006 Gund created the 25th Anniversary snuffles. Snuffles has always been a part of the GUND collection, in various sizes and colors. The 25th Anniversary edition was created in a pale blush, soft, fabric with a white crescent moon on his chest. A faux leather tag declaring that he is a 25th Anniversary edition with the words, "Celebrate Love With Snuffles" makes this a special gift to give and receive. In addition to Snuffles Anniversary edition, this cuddly bear is also available in a traditional color of white with a brown embroidered nose and warm deep brown button eyes in four adorable sizes: 6 1/2", 8", 10" and 13 1/2".

You see the name of GUND on teddy bears everywhere. Gund is the most popular name when it comes to plush, stuffed teddy bears. They have some very unique and interesting teddy bears you will find anywhere. Although you are unable to order teddy bears directly from the factory, their web site will direct you to the nearest store, or site, offering GUND teddy bears for sale

Visit,, to see the many teddy bears, and teddy bear collections they have to offer, and find a GUND distributor near you.

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Famous Teddy Bears

Teddy bears, teddy bears everywhere. Teddy bears are the most popular of all toys. Cute, soft and cuddly, they have a way of comforting us when we are lonely, ill or afraid. Teddy bears listen to our opinions without argument, hear our problems without attempting to solve them, and understand when we need a hug.

Over the past 100 years there have been a few teddy bears that have reached celebrity status. These particular teddy bears have been so popular they are recognized by name.

Winnie The Pooh is right up there when we think of famous teddy bears. He was created by A.A. Milne with much inspiration from his wife Daphne, and his young son, Christopher Robin. The idea of Pooh began with a trip to the zoo where, Christopher Robin Milne, fell in love with a small, black bear. This prompted Milne to write about the adventures of Christopher Robin, his teddy bear pooh, and their friends. Today you will find Pooh everywhere. There are Winnie The Pooh clothes, bedding, animated cartoons, web sites and, of course, the teddy bear himself.

Paddington Bear is quite famous in his own right. Paddington was created by Michael Bond, a British writer who wrote his first book about the bear in 1958. A Bear Called Paddington, was the first in a series of books about Paddington Bear. In 1967 Bond's books became so successful that he was able to quit his job to become a full-time writer. Paddington is the sort of bear with his paws settled firmly on the ground. He has a great sense of right and wrong and tends to get involved in everyday situations, no wild adventures for this bear. He gets involved with human situations, but he could never be human, it simply wouldn't work. Paddington bear has also been depicted as an animated cartoon and has had his countenance made into a huggable teddy bear, but don't hug him too tight, it just wouldn't be right.

Rupert the bear was first introduced as a comic strip in 'The Daily Express', a British newspaper. Rupert was introduced by artist Mary Toutel on November 8, 1920, and he still appears in the same paper today. Mary was forced to stop drawing the cartoon in 1935, because of her failing eyesight. Alfred Bestall took over the job and continued drawing and writing about the adventures of Rupert for 35 years, until his retirement in 1965. Since then, various artists have taken over the task. Christmas, 1936 it was decided that the previous cartoon strips be put together in an Annual, and the tradition began. Rupert is popular with children and has become a star, in his own right, through animation. He is a popular animated cartoon.

It would not be right to end this article without mentioning two other bears of note.

Yogi Bear, introduced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in 1957, is a very pesky, yet lovable, cartoon character who has been a teddy bear a time or two. Yogi is famous for his schemes to swindle campers out of their pic-in-ic baskets in Jellystone National park.

Smokey The Bear has been responsible for the prevention of forest fires. He has been teaching adults and children about the dangers of forest fires for over 60 years. Smokey has also been a teddy bear.

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Crocheted Teddy Bears

Crocheted teddy bears are some of the least expensive teddy bears, if you make them yourself. Yarn is relatively cheap compared to other materials when it comes to making teddy bears. Anyone can learn to crochet, patterns can be downloaded free on the internet, add some yarn, a crochet hook, and your ready to make a teddy bear. Over the years parents who found themselves strapped for money at Christmas, Birthdays, or other Holidays, would crochet teddy bears for their children. The teddy bears were a gift the children appreciated and the parents felt better knowing their children had a present on the special holiday. Today the internet is full of web sites offering crochet patterns for teddy bears. Several teddy bear artist include crocheted teddy bears in their offerings.

Since the teddy bear began, teddy bear artists have used their imagination to create teddy bears from cloth, yarn, plaster, plastic, glass, and metal. The crocheted teddy bear can be even more precious to a child when it is created with love.

If you want to make your own crocheted teddy bears, the sites below offer, or have links to sites where you can download patterns.

The web site,, has a few crochet patterns to choose from. An adorable pattern for a teddy bear in bunny clothes is available, as well as, a bear angel ornament, Chenile bear and Little Bear. The site has many crochet patterns. Visit,, and you will find crochet patterns for teddy bears and clothes for teddy bears. At the internet site,, you will find teddy bear patterns. The site,, has a pattern for an sweet 4", crocheted teddy bear.

Sites offering crochet patterns in general, will usually have a pattern or two for teddy bears. If you are not into crocheting your own bear but would like to have, or give, a crocheted bear. The following websites make and sell crocheted teddy bears.

A teddy bear artist specializing in making crocheted teddy bears has a pair of adorable, soft, cuddly, teddy bears for sale at: crocheter, Laurie Jean Karluk, makes and sells croceted clothes for teddy bears at her site, site,, offers unique crocheted teddy bears, including Holiday teddy bears. Links to sites offering crocheted teddy bears can be found at:

Teddy bears have traditionally been our best friend. The teddy bear protects us from the monster under the bed, comforts us when we aren't feeling well, never tells our secrets, knows all of our faults and loves us anyway, is a constant companion, and a participant in all of our adventures. It is a proven fact that teddy bears given to a sick, hurt, or abused children will help them heal. Perhaps just the act of having a warm friend close chases away a feeling of loneliness or helplessness.

No matter what your teddy bear is made of, the fact is, he may be the best friend you will ever have.

Have you hugged your teddy bear today?

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Create Your Own Teddy Bear Best Friend

Maxine Clark founded Build-A-Bear Workshops Inc. in 1997 and has served on the board of directors when the company was incorporated in 2000. By the end of 2006 There were nearly 300 Build A Bear Workshop stores worldwide, including company owned stores in the US, United Kingdom and Canada and franchised stores in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Friends 2B Made, (r) a store designed for kids (especially girls). Clark launched this new addition to retail entertainment in 2004.

A few of the awards bestowed upon Build A Bear Workshop and Maxine Clark:

An induction into the Junior Achievement National Business Hall of Fame for Clark in 2006. In 2005 Build A Bear Workshop was named Workshop Portfolio Company of the Year. Build A Bear Workshop was named one of the "Hottest Retailers in 2004, and the retail innovator of the year for 2001.

The list goes on but I think we get the big picture. Build A Bear Workshops are tops when it comes to a creative way to build the very best friend you may ever have. After all, the definition of a best friend is someone who does not hold your shortcomings against you, listens to your problems without giving advise unless it is asked for, and is there to comfort you when you are feeling sad, sick or hurt.

You can go to: to find the Build A Bear Workshop near you. Prices for stuffed animals start at $10 and go up. Clothing and accessories are purchased separately. You can choose from many themes to dress your Teddy Bear. The website has slumber party where you can find pajamas and slippers in several styles. There are also accessories available, such as, sleeping bags which comes with a carrying case. A rock and roll theme includes t-shirts, blue jeans, billed hats, sun glasses, guitars, walkmans, cell-phones and more. The Harley Davidson theme includes faux leather jackets and chaps, boots, bandanas and even a motorcycle so your best friend can ride with the pack. All of your favorites from the Wizard of Oz are ready to come to life, including Toto and his basket. These are but a few of the themes to be found at

Each Teddy Bear and stuffed animal has a heart and virtual wishes inside, personalized birth certificate, Lifetime Paw Pass, Find A Bear tag inside and comes in a Cub Condo carrying case. Different sounds can be added to the inside of each stuffed animal purchased, depending on what you want.

You can also build a teddy bear or stuffed animal for any special occasion. You may even want to build as a gift for that special loved one or as a thank you to that Fourth of July barbeque. When you think of Teddy Bears, think about building your own at one of the Build A Bear Workshops near you. After all it isn't every day you can create your own best friend right down to the shoes.

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Children, Teddy Bears And The Connection

Children are innocent and free of blame. That is why it hurts adults when they are sick, hurt or afraid. We feel better when we are able to soothe them and make the bad go away. There are times when even our devout love can do nothing to help the pain and heartache a child may be feeling. When a child must undergo tests or an operation at the hospital. Parents are not allowed to be with the child while these necessary procedures are being performed. The child will often feel afraid, alone and abandoned.

It has been proven time, and again, the act of giving the child a teddy bear to hold and cuddle takes a good measure of these feelings away. There are several groups who give teddy bears to hospitals so they can be given to sick and frightened children.

Good Bears of the World is a non-profit organization which gives teddy bears to children of all ages, when love, and comfort will make a difference. Last year Good Bears of the world gave out 20,000 teddy bears to victims of tornados, floods, hurricanes, and domestic violence. The bears were also given to many sick, underprivileged, and injured children. This list also includes lonely senior citizens. The teddy bears are given to policemen, firemen, psychologists, emergency workers, and grief counselors who have discovered the healing power the bears have on victims of trauma. Good bears is responsible for giving bears to the survivors of 9-11, the Oklahoma bombing, and the crash of TWA flight 800. If you would like to contribute to Good Bears of the World, the address is:

Good Bears of the World
P.O. Box 13097
Toledo, OH 43613

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has a Big Hero, Little Hero program. The mission of this program: To make sure every child has a Teddy Bear to hug when he or she needs one the most. The Vermont Teddy bear company and donations make it possible to donate teddy bears to police departments, fire houses and rescue personnel so they may distribute them to children in need. The bears are 13 inch and for every specially designed teddy bear bought through VTBC, 2 bears will be given to help a child. You may contact them at:

Other organizations have given teddy bears to children.

The Thorndike Press, located just down the road from Inland Hospital in Maine, donated 600 teddy bears to the hospital. These bears will be given to children who are sick, hurt, or frightened. The company pulled together holding a silent auction, bake sales, and hosting a drawing, among other activities. The proceeds were used to buy the teddy bears. Although Thorndike Press gives a charitable donation every year, it was decided to give the bears to Inland because of the sister of an employee. The child was in the hospital and given a bear to hold before having a treatment. Afterward the unconscious child was still clutching the bear tightly.

The next time you think about giving, think about the teddy bear and how far he can go to help a child in need of comfort.

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All About The Teddy Bear

In 1902 when President Theodore Roosevelt was in Mississippi to settle a border dispute between Louisiana and Mississippi. While there he went on a hunting trip. Members of the hunting party tied a small, black bear cub to a tree for him to shoot. Seeing how helpless the small bear was he refused.

The next day cartoonist, Clifford Berryman, drew a cartoon depicting Roosevelt refusing to shoot the bear. This prompted shopkeeper, Morris Michtom, asked his wife, Rose, to make a teddy bear to place in his shop window. Morris Michtom contacted the President asking his permission to name the stuffed bear, Teddy. The president agreed and the Teddy Bear was born.

At the same time in Germany, a company owned by Margarete Steiff, was beginning to manufacture a stuffed bear of it's own. These were the first time stuffed bears were introduced to the world.

From there the popularity of the teddy bear grew. Today almost all children have had a teddy bear at one time or another. Today you will find toy manufacturers, teddy bear artists, and stores selling teddy bears of all shapes and sizes. Gund(r) is a leading manufacturer of soft toys, and is in the same league as The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory when it comes to quality. You can check them out at:, and

Quite a few teddy bear artists have sites on the internet where you can view their teddy bears online.

The teddy bears on,, are the some of the most expressive, unique teddy bears you will find anywhere. The Lovable Fellows are one-of-a-kind or limited editions. Hours are spent creating each bears face. This gives each bear his own personality traits. If you want to adopt one of these Lovable Fellows you should check them out quickly. Most of the teddy bears on this site have already been adopted. When you visit,, you will find unique, one of a kind teddy bears made of Alpaca. These bears come in many different colors and some of them are multi-colored.

The site,, features one of a kind bears inspired by the island of Australia.

The web site,, is a fantastic place to find miniature teddy bears. Domino, is a 2 3/4" tall bent knee bear of black and white, made of upholstery velvet. This tiny teddy comes with his own die cast, taxi pedal car.

On the site,, you will find many one of a kind teddies. This site has many fantastic bears. You really don't want to pass this one by. If you have been thinking about starting a teddy bear collection, you should visit: This teddy bear collector has opened her home to many adopted teddy bears. Teddy bears reside in every room of the house and some outdoor ports as well. There are also rooms dedicated to bears only. The history of the teddy bear is wonderful and heartwarming. To think of how many thousands of teddy bears have been loved and held by children who considered them a best friend, confidant, protector, and constant companion, it is no wonder they are still the most popular soft toy today.

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A Teddy Bear's Life

The teddy bear has been in existence for over 100 years. In that time he has had books written about him. The adventures of Winnie the Pooh is a series of books written by A.A. Milne, about an adventurous teddy bear. Pooh, and his friends, Christopher Robin, Rabbit, Tigger, Owl, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga and Roo, have great adventures in the hundred acre wood.

Paddington Bear's creator, Michael Bond, has written several books about the teddy bear who comes from darkest Peru, and now resides with the brown family at 32 Windsor Gardens. Paddington is a teddy bear with both paws planted on the ground. He has strong feelings on what is right and what is wrong, and hates bureaucratic red tape. He doesn't look kindly on the sillier rules human beings surround themselves with. About his daily life Paddington says, "Things happen to me. I'm that sort of bear." Paddington may conduct himself in a human way, but he could never be human. As he is fond of saying, "It just wouldn't work."

The Care Bears Have had books written about them. Care bears are teddy bears. Each one has a message and a lesson to teach us about how we should conduct our lives. Each Care Bear has a personal motif on their tummies and a personal motto they dedicate their lives to.

Rupert, that mischievous bear who got his start as a comic strip in a London newspaper(and still appears there), has had books about him called Annuals, put together yearly, of the comic strips appearing in the paper the entire year. This has been going on for a good 50 plus years.

As far as poems go, Pooh and The Care Bears have had poetry written about them. I'm not sure about Paddington Bear and Rupert, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised.

Not only have the teddy bears mentioned above been written about and drawn, they all have their own animated television shows. Check out the listings on PBS, BBC, The Disney Channel and other station where cartoons are shown. You may also want to look for Yogi and Boo-Boo bear on Boomerang. Baloo, from The Jungle Book, has his own cartoon called Tailspins, you can find his show on some of the above mentioned cartoon stations.

Other, less famous teddy bears can be found living in houses(like Paddington Bear), Museums, stores, web sites, and factories waiting to be adopted. There are many talented teddy bear artists and manufacturers, who have brought some pretty amazing bears to life. Here are a few websites for you to check out. Be careful, you may fall in love and adopt an adorable teddy bear of your own.,,,,,

If you can resist adopting even one of the teddy bears on these web sites, I commend you, you have more will power than most of us.

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A Teddy Bear For Everyone

Every child deserves a teddy bear to hug when the world gets too painful, lonely or sad. Teddy bears are there to watch over them when the dark is too spooky, they need a best friend or their lives become unstable. There are many charitable organizations out there and they are all working toward the same goal, to put a teddy bear into the arms of a deserving child.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company started the Big Hero, Little Hero Program in September of 2002, to give children across the country a teddy bear to hug when they need one the most. More than 11 million children are transported by emergency services each year. The Vermont Teddy bear company and outside donations, provide specially designed, 13" teddy bears to provided to emergency service professionals around the country free of charge. Interested parties can participate in this charity by purchasing one of the specially made bears. For every bear bought, The Vermont Teddy Bear Company will donate two bears to an emergency service station in need. These bears are also given to lonely seniors.

The Inland Hospital in Maine, was donated 600 teddy bears to give to children who come in for tests, illness, trauma or with other patients. Thorndike press, located just down the road from Inland Hospital, was able to buy the bears with money earned from a silent auction, bake sales and other activities. The decision for Thorndike to donate the bears was reached after a younger sister of one of the employees was given a bear when she had to attend the hospital.

You may want to start a charitable teddy bear drive in your community, to help put a teddy bear into the arms of every child.

The first step is to recruit others, of like mind, to help you. Let's face it, this a big undertaking for one person. You may also want to get area schools and churches involved. Elementary school students make great recruits, as the entire class (or school) can work together to make money to purchase the teddy bears. Churches like to get involved in charity, especially when it is for children.

Get together with friends and plan some money making activities. A Bowl-a-thon, walk-a-thon, spaghetti dinner, Pancake Breakfast, Bake Sale, auction, rummage sale, or street carnival are all excellent ways to raise money for your teddy bears. You and your group, will need to set a time limit on donations and money collected. For instance, you may want to have enough money to buy the teddy bears by Christmas. You must also decide before you begin, where you will distribute the bears.

While you are raising the money, you should look around to find the best place to purchase the teddy bears when the money is collected. It is a very rewarding experience to give a teddy bear to a child. The look on their face when they see the soft, cuddly teddy, is worth ten times the effort it takes to get the bear. The first time you see a child grab the toy and hug it tight, will be one of the happiest of your life.

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