When teddies started .....

The 1st Teddy Bear was invented and constructed by Rose and Morris Michtom. The Michtoms were impressed by Teddy Roosevelt and Clifford Berryman.

It appears that in November 1902, President Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt visited Mississippi to conciliate a border conflict between Louisiana and Mississippi. The President, having a little spare time, went along on a hunting trip. The additional people of the hunting company attached a American black bear cub to a tree for the president to shoot but he declined.

Hearing the story, political cartoonist Clifford Berryman drew a sketch showing Roosevelt declining to shoot the bear.

Upon seeing the cartoon, Brooklyn market keeper Morris Michtom asked his wife, Rose, to make 2 stuffed bears to display in the show window. The excelsior stuffed bears with the black, shoe button eyes acquired national fame. Michtom had an idea to associate the bears fame with Teddy Roosevelt; Michtom wrote the President and requested permission to call his stuffed bears 'Teddy Bears'. President Roosevelt concurred and the first Teddy Bear was given birth.

Morris Michtom called his shop The Ideal Novelty and Toy Company, and started the first Teddy Bear manufactory in the United States. In the same year the Steiff firm in Germany, began making it's adaptation of the jointed bear, on it's own. This firm, managed by Margarete Steiff, has been making toys since 1880.

Margarete's nephew, Richard Steiff, after seeing acting bears at a touring circus, had an idea to make a toy bear that stood erect. Richard was a adept artist and after visiting a nearby zoological garden to make cartoons of the bears, configured the first articulated bear. The bear was 2 feet high and, because of the jointed arms and legs, was able to stand erect or on all 4 legs just as an actual bear can[2].

The Teddy Bear is the most popular stuffed toy. Other playthings may come and go but the Teddy Bear is more than 100 years old and has stood the trial of time. Teddy Bears are employed daily for assorted reasons. Pink and/or blue Teddy Bears are joined to baby shower gifts; and they are imparted as presents for newborn babies. Teddy Bears donning cap and robe are given to high school alumnae. We decorate our bridecakes with Teddy Bears attired as the bride and groom and a hospitalised acquaintance may get a grinning Teddy Bear dressed in a nurses costume and hat.

Teddy Bears are particularly in demand during the holidays. Santa Bears and Snow Bears abound at Christmastide. Teddy Bears are available for every holiday or festivity, and almost everybody has named the Teddy Bear a buddy at one time or other.

When we were kids the delicate, cuddlesome Teddy Bear was a ceaseless comrade who got us through numerous scarey nighttimes and accompanied us everyplace. We cherished them as if they were a part of the family, feeding, dressing and even washing them when they got grimy. A dearest buddy our Teddy Bear was forever nearby.

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